Welcome Messge by AOBA President

Fellow Santaclausians,

I am pleased, on behalf of NEC, to welcome all of you, home and abroad, to this AOBA website. Members may recall that getting the site up and running was part of the agenda we promised to pursue when we came into office.

The importance of this website cannot be over-emphasised. Not only will it chronicle the history of AOBA on a daily, or even hourly, basis but it will also serve to keep members up-to-date on matters relating to the association, minimise misinformation and improve upon our relations with non-Santas as they get to know us better via the site.

It is pertinent to note that the site has been designed to facilitate interaction among members and between members and NEC and so I urge all to take advantage of this feature and make your concerns known to us.

Finally, I wish each and everyone of you an enjoyable experience and, please, visit the site often and regularly.

Up Santaclausians!!

Mr. Oscar Bruce
President, AOBA