7 Reasons to Join AOBA [Click here to join now]

1. Uphold the Santaclausian pride

Adisadel College is one of the premier secondary schools in Ghana. This is exemplified by its academic excellence, its extension of educational opportunities to boys throughout Ghana, and its application of human resources that has positively impacted the Ghanaian community and world. As an AOBA member, you contribute to a visible alumni community that matches the might of the school.

2. Keep the connection

We are proud of our alumni and want you to remain a part of AOBA. But only you can keep the link alive through your membership with AOBA.

3. Be an informed Santaclausian

As a member, you continue to receive firsthand news about Adisadel College through the alumni e-newsletters (Owl), giving you the inside track on the latest news on campus.

4. Support programming

AOBA exists to engage, connect and celebrate alumni through activities like reunions, congresses, career services, awards, and more. Your financial support enables the programs we undertake.

5. Recognize Santaclausians

Through the annual Reunion and Congress, together we recognize deserving alumni.

6. Contribute to scholarships

Part of your membership dues will support an annual Alumni Association Medallion Scholarships that help deserving students complete their education.

7. Help other alumni and yourself

The Adisadel Old Boys Association offers many networking opportunities. As a member, you can make yourself available to offer friendship, mentoring and help to other alumni…and receive them yourself.

The strength of our alma mater is fuelled by the support of individuals like you who unite to promote its achievements. Proudly declare yourself a member of AOBA and join the ranks of the dynamic Santaclausian community making an impact in our world today.

8. Membership Dues

Membership dues is $100.00 a year for individuals. Please use the PayPal button in the rightmost pane to pay online.


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